Feng Shui for Fashion

Applying Feng Shui philosophy and principals to your personal appearance. Creating a wardrobe that is supportive of your personal energy and in alignment with your intentions.

Classical Feng Shui

According to the way your home faces or sits on the land and when it was constructed, it will attract various types of unseen energies from the 8 main directions. These energies can be calculated and remedied.

Feng Shui Design

Realign your home to be a reflection of your best self. A sanctuary that supports your well-being. By adjusting the placement of items and introducing elements, you can balance and enhance the energy flow through your space.

Space Clearing & Blessing

Inspired by an age-old ritual found in almost every culture. Space clearing transmutes the emotional debris that accumulates in our homes. We’ll help reset your space by adjusting energetic disturbances and stagnation.

Atmospherics in Your Home

Examine the atmospheric elements of color, lighting, layout, scent and sound. The intentional use of these elements can subtly create a desired effect, atmosphere or mood as well as a sense of well-being.


The energy of a home is never missed by a buyer but can be overlooked by the seller. It is the inexplicable factor that can have someone fall in love with a place or the little nudge that says something doesn’t feel right.

Live With Intention

Contact Santo / Sage to discover how living in alignment with Feng Shui can enhance your life.