Experience the space around you. Sitting between your space and your mood is atmosphere. Atmosphere is what triggers your emotional response to a space. You can’t point to it, but you can sure feel it. It’s an emotion, an energy. The scent, the breeze, the way the light shines in, an old familiar tune. It’s all of these at once, but none of them specifically. Atmosphere is a combination of elements that create a single communication offering a full emotional picture of the space—this gives way to that sixth sense. Your sense of place.

Examine the atmospheric elements of color, lighting, layout, temperature, scent and sound. These elements impact our overall perceptions and impressions. What is the atmosphere you want to create?

A confidential on site consultation will involve:

-Determine the dominant emotional response of the space
-Discuss the feeling or mood you want your space to evoke
-Interpret the current atmospherics of the environment
-Identify preferences for additional elements and alignment
-Outline enhancements supportive of the context and space

Following our initial consultation recommendations are made to create a more integrated environment through:

-Intentional color psychology
-Textures and Materials
-Ambient, Thematic or Signature aromas
-Lighting (amount and type)
-Air Purification
-Decorating with Sound
-Auspicious patterns and symbols
-Suggestions are made on organization

Available for follow up questions following the consultation

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