Memorable Assortment

Drive revenue by embracing your existing assortment while introducing store-specific items to heighten the customer-location connection for all your guests.

Classical Feng Shui

Unlock new ways to optimize your space based on ancient Chinese knowledge that honors the relationship between buildings and their surrounding environments.

Feng Shui Design

Harness the Feng Shui principles of balance, elements and energy to enhance everything from strategic product placement to a more customer-friendly floor plan.

Space Clearing

Space clearing refers to the art of cleansing a space of lingering energy, stagnation or energetic disturbances. Transforming existing energy to that of a higher vibration.


Examine the atmospheric elements of color, lighting, layout, scent and sound. The intentional use of these elements can subtly create a desired effect, atmosphere or mood as well as a sense of well-being.

Intrigue. Entice. Engage

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