earth energy

The land is alive, conscious and responsive. The quality of energy or ‘Qi’ in the land will vary from place to place as will its spirit and influence. These manifestations of life force energy are experienced in distinct ways and can be observed, read, and adjusted.

Feng Shui

Unlock new ways to optimize your environment. Flying Star Feng Shui is rooted in ancient observations and calculations that chart the unique influences of a place as it moves through time. Site specific adjustments are identified to create harmony.

Design & Decor

Improve the way customers, clients, and employees experience your space. Using Feng Shui principles in design will balance and enhance the energy of your environment, improving everything from focus and productivity to overall well-being.

Space Clearing

Space clearing refers to the art of cleansing a space of lingering energy, stagnation or energetic disturbances. Transforming the existing energy to a more orderly vibration while bringing balance to the environment.

Sales & Leasing

The energy of a space is never missed by a buyer or potential tenant. When listing a property take advantage of the many ways Feng Shui practices and adjustments can improve and enhance the essence of the location. 


Examine the atmospheric elements of color, lighting, layout, scent and sound. The intentional use of these intangible elements can subtly create a desired effect, atmosphere, or mood as well as a sense of well-being.

Intrigue. Entice. Engage

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