Geomancy is a way of identifying, interpreting and harnessing the earth’s vital energy. The Earth is lined with energy pathways. These pathways can be life-enhancing, depleted or even damaged. Negative earth energy is often called ‘Geopathic Stress’, and can stem from disturbances in the Earth’s electromagnetic field due to man-made or natural intrusions.

To support well-being we need to encourage a healthy flow of this life force energy in our surroundings. In a geomancy consultation your site will be evaluated for its energetic condition, potential, and spiritual components.

A confidential on site consultation will involve:

-Evaluating the site in its entirety including topographical and energy flow patterns within and around the property that may be influencing the health, harmony, relationships, prosperity, peace and overall well-being of the current or potential occupants

-Assessments are made of the land energies, geographical features, geopathic stress, terrain, man-made formations, building orientations, internal layout and any distinct historical significance

-Any associated considerations of the client will also be addressed

Following our initial consultation you will receive:

A site grid/energy map will be created using dowsing techniques and plotting all significant information. This map will serve as a visual representation of the available beneficial energies on site, as well as pinpointing areas of trauma, imbalance, or concern. Options for corrections are presented

-Based on the above findings it may be necessary to perform rituals or energetic mediations designed to revitalize and reprogram the site

Agreed upon corrections are made to adjust the energy patterns present in the land. This is intended to minimize or resolve any incoherence and promote well-being

-This includes Ritual techniques to balance, enhance and cultivate the Earth’s vital influence as well as site specific physical corrections

Available for follow up questions following the consultation

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