Commercial real estate


It is the inexplicable factor that has someone quickly attach to your listing or the little nudge that says something doesn’t feel right. Showcasing the best possible energy of a space is an important step in putting its best foot forward.

By incorporating slight shifts in arrangement, atmosphere and energy, a space can be adjusted—to make it feel better. Potential buyers and tenants will intake more and better connect with the space. Feng Shui for commercial real estate helps to create an environment that caters to each of the clients six senses—increasing appeal and demand.

A confidential on site consultation will involve:

-Short interview and tour of the property
-Discuss the intentions for the sale, timeline and expectations
-Space clearing is performed using sound, smoke and sacred essences to energetically cleanse the space
-Identify opportunities to improve the layout and atmosphere that work to support the existing aesthetic
-Enhancements include: lighting, layout, air flow, artwork, décor, scent and sound

Following our initial consultation and clearing you will receive a report package detailing adjustments made and any remaining potential enhancements or follow-up visits.

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