Feng Shui DESIGN

feng shui residential interior

Your home should feel as good as it looks. Improve the look, feel and flow of your space with design techniques rooted in our innate relationship to our surroundings. Update your inner and outer landscape and bring what’s sacred to you into your everyday. 

A confidential on site consultation will involve:

-Interview and tour of premises
-Discuss the primary functions of the space and desired outcomes, special conditions and personal preferences
-Interpret the energetic conditions of the environment and physical components – how your home functions and feels
-First impressions are noted of the existing space, including interior and exterior attributes, surrounding structures, and landforms
-Discuss the concepts of Residential Well-being and site-sensitive design techniques
-Building shape, Floor Plan and Element Analysis
-Determine the optimal flow of the space considering both physical and energetic components
-EMF measurement and mapping of notable sources assists us in design configurations that reduce exposure
-If desired a space clearing is performed to release any stagnation, refresh and reset the space for our time together

Following our initial consultation, Refresh, Sourcing, Decor & Design services are tailored to your needs and can include:

-Mood board which serves as a visual representation of ideas for the overall design project and is the beginning step for all projects

Selection of furniture, finishes, materials, lighting, color selection, decor, vintage found objects

-Suggested enhancements aligned with your home’s aesthetic and unique landscape

Nonstructural renovations that modernize and enhance while preserving your homes original character 

-Interplay of forms, shapes, lines, spaces, texture to create harmony

-Intentional placement of meaningful objects and elements personal to you and your life’s journey

-Site-specific recommendations to create balance between the 5 elements as well as Yin/Yang (feminine/ masculine) energy

-Suggestions are made on clutter clearing and organization

Comprehensive design can also cover structural renovations, flooring, furnishings, color schemes, countertops, cabinetry

-3D rendering helps you visualize the use of space and how it aligns to your preferences

-Individualized materials and tips for cultivating harmony in the home 


Supportive Feng Shui design and sourcing services available upon request

-A site map will indicate how each area of your property relates to corresponding aspects of your life 

-A compass reading is used to divide the floor plan into 8 compass directions listing the associated influence, element, physical association, aspiration, and enhancement

Available for follow up questions following the consultation

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