Feng Shui DESIGN

feng shui residential interior


Feng Shui principles can help identify the use and flow of space most conducive to a positive, productive atmosphere. Your floor plan will be divided into specific areas–or “life’s blessings”–that represent different aspects of life. By nurturing each part of these physical spaces, such as incorporating the correct “elements,” for example, you enhance harmony. 

A confidential on site consultation will involve:

-Interview and tour of premises
-Discuss the primary functions of the space and desired outcomes
-Interpret the energetic conditions of the environment and functional components
-First impressions are noted of the existing space, including interior and exterior attributes, surrounding structures, and landforms
-Discuss the concepts of the 5 elements and Yin/Yang principle
-Building shape, Floor Plan and Element Analysis
-Determine the optimal flow of the space considering both physical and energetic components
-EMF measurement and mapping
-Space clearing is performed to release any stagnation or blockages

Following our initial consultation you will receive a detailed report package including:

-A compass reading is used to divide the floor plan into 8 compass directions listing the associated influence, element, physical association, aspiration, and enhancement
-A Bagua map will indicate how each area of your property relates to corresponding aspects of your life 
-Suggested enhancements aligned with your homes aesthetic
-Interplay of forms, shapes, lines, spaces, texture to create harmony
-Placement of meaningful objects and energizers
-Recommendations to create balance between the 5 elements as well as Yin/Yang
-5 elements chart and 3 cycles
-Suggestions are made on clutter clearing and organization
-Individualized materials and tips specific to your needs

Supportive design and sourcing services available upon request

Available for follow up questions following the consultation

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