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A house acts much like an energetic umbrella that blends with the energy we generate from our physical bodies. The practice of Feng Shui works to bring our personal spaces into harmony with the natural world and to create living environments that support, nurture and empower.

The intention of Feng Shui is to create beneficial enhancements of all areas of life. Through the effective use of Feng Shui and additional life-enhancing modalities, we can create Residential Well-being.

A confidential on site consultation will involve:

-Short interview and tour of your home
-Discuss the primary functions of the space
-Observe surrounding environment
-Discuss the concepts of the 5 elements and Yin/Yang principle
-Define shape of the building and analyze floor plan
-Compass Reading of the magnetic orientation needed for Flying Stars Feng Shui calculation
-Interpret the conditions of the environment and functional components including geopathic stressors
-EMF measurement, awareness and tips for protection
-Space clearing is preformed to release old energies and invite fresh energy in

Following our initial consultation you will receive a detailed report package including:

-Floor plan divided into the 8 compass directions, each corresponding to an aspect of your life and the associated element
-Calculations are used to create an energetic blue print of the space indicating the elements required to create balance
-Trigram will provide you and additional permanent occupants with your elements and directions for personal advancement
-Best working, sleeping and eating directions will be advised
-Energizers (plants, crystals, meaningful objects)
-Individualized materials and tips specific to your needs
-For love and relationship concerns specific remedies are available
-5 elements charts and 3 cycles
-Suggestions are made on clutter clearing and organization

Available for follow up questions following the consultation

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