Every space has its own set of natural characteristics and energies contained when the structure was built or “born.” Each feature in your environment provides a unique impact on your mood, health, and overall well-being. In the intimate bedroom space of the home, it is of utmost importance that these co-occurring influences work together to create harmony and reflect your desires. In this way you can use furnishings and decor to your advantage.

Our client was ready for a partner to share in this life experience with while maintaining their own personal identity. Drawing on the Fire element to support the interacting energies in the Southern Bagua, we incorporated individualized pairs of objects (one-of-a-kind ceramic jug lamps, artwork, and handmade throw pillows) that support the more prominent features (handmade latigo bed and custom bench). The individual parts contribute to the whole but don’t compete to become the whole – symbolizing our client’s relationship goals. In this way, your environment can serve as a visual representation of your intentions.


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