The Romans referred to the Genius Loci as the protective spirit of a place. In the West the spirit of a place is more closely associated with a spaces distinctive atmosphere. At Santo / Sage we value the power of both.

The best result is when a man made object enhances and supports the environment from which it in turn receives energy.

The reality is that energy is in us and all around us. At any given moment, there is enough energy running through our human bodies to power a light. It’s present when you fall in love and can also alert you to impending danger. Energy helps you pick out a destination or even your first home. It’s chemical, it’s kinetic and it’s scientifically undeniable.

Everything in the world interacts energetically. Taking time to build a relationship with and honor the spirit of the places we live or the land we intend to develop does not only help inform the design, details, and altogether “atmosphere” of place – it makes for a more holistic experience. Working together with the Earth’s subtle energies offers us an unmatched opportunity to build on, correct, or improve the quality, essence, spirit, and integrity of the places we inhabit.

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