Feng Shui : Real Estate Sales

Feng Shui is seen and felt. Buying a property even as an investment is an instinctive and often emotional process. Feng Shui focuses directly and objectively on the psychology and emotion your listing evokes. It caters to the imagination and sensibility of your potential buyers. Dense accumulated energy can make large spaces feel limiting, while balanced energy can make even small spaces feel open and inspiring. The feeling of a place is never neutral and should always be considered. 

By incorporating slight shifts in arrangement, atmosphere, and energy, a space can be adjusted—to make it feel better. Here we reset the energy and alignment of this Venice Beach listing to reveal a fresh canvas that felt welcoming to potential buyers allowing them to feel at one with the essence of the space. We worked to balance the sellers strong attachment to the property and open up space for new beginnings. An offer above the full asking price was made within 24 hours of service.

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