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Taming the Wild: Site Sensitive Design in California’s Central Coast

The central coast of California has a magnetism all its own. The region unearths a language of the natural world that communicates directly with your spirit. A place where tribes once converged, ecosystems now blend in distinct landscapes. Each as fragile as it is unique. Its ancestry is buried in the soil and radiates life all around you.

Sacred waters give way to generous lands worthy of honoring, a past civilization deserving acknowledgment… a future to protect. Abalone and Moonstones offer a glimpse into another time. The scent of sacred plants carried by the ocean breeze delivers the gift of renewal. This is a place you breathe in. Where you and your surroundings live in harmony. It is a dance as old as time in a location that is almost timeless.

Each day offers an invitation to grow roots, to delve into the unknown and reach for the light. The land makes magic of all that comes in between- the sun, the rain, the stars and a kiss of planets in the night sky. A family of deer. Migrating monarchs. A prayer. It is a place imbued with ceremony, where pines whisper to the waves, cattle graze under wise oaks and the colors of nature transport you to a place outside yourself. The natural world. The greatest design of all.

The central coast has a very distinctive sense of place. In Feng Shui and design, working with such a beautiful landscape and natural canvas can be both restorative and thought-provoking. How do you utilize the natural elements and character of the region to enrich your experience and even increase your property value? Refining your space in a way that enhances the beauty of the locale and in turn is energized by the surrounding landforms. These considerations appear essential in the small village of Cambria which calls you back to a time when nature, creativity and coastal culture were inextricably linked. The town inspires awe, but it also creates several significant design questions:

  • How does one design in a way that creates harmony between their built and natural environment, particularly when located in a place with such rare vitality?
  • How can you bring the absolute beauty of the outdoors inside, while honoring your own personal preferences for what home means to you?
  • How do you create a home or home away from home for yourself and guests that grounds you in the essence of place—as true to its location as it is to you?

These questions are at the core of site sensitive design and Feng Shui energy work. What is site sensitive design truly? On one hand there is an obvious implication of designing to and around the more significant features of your landscape. Yet, on a fundamental level site sensitive design is about designing your space in partnership with the surrounding landscape and your own inner landscape. This means harnessing the positive qualities of your location in order to balance and create harmony—blending your higher essence with the essence of place. Although there are functional design solutions to support this, much of this partnership is energetic—in some cases remaining unseen, but always felt.

When we consider Feng Shui, what we are contemplating is a beneficial flow of energy being exchanged between you and your environment – your surroundings. We feel, we analyze, and we design based on how your built environment interacts with the natural world around it—examining what aspects of your surroundings support you feeling your best. While true everywhere, it is especially true on the wild and untamed central coast of California. When you create an awareness of your space, you awaken to the true power of site sensitive design on California’s central coast and the many opportunities in which are available to co-create with the world around you.

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