A new year is approaching. As seasons change and the year transitions into another, it’s natural to take inventory in all avenues of our lives, from the material to the ethereal and everything in between. The month of January comes from the name Janus the Roman god of beginnings. This time also reminds us that the act of intentionally ushering in a ‘new beginning’ or chapter in time dates back thousands of years and speaks to our innate human desires for tradition and the importance of a fresh start. These notable moments of change create a valuable opportunity for reflection, release, recalibration and enhancement.

The new year is the time when we commit to a vison of the future while reconciling with the past. We prepare ourselves, and often our spaces, for the potential of our expectations. Recognizing that our home is an extension of our mind and that conversely our mind is also an extension of our home, it makes sense that clearing clutter is one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves as we ascend into our next level of existence.

Excess belongings act as baggage on our journey through life and it’s important to be conscious of what we are packing in our homes, hearts and minds. Whether you rent or own, are looking to buy, or preparing to sell, anything you have too much of, don’t use, don’t love, have not fixed and or no longer represents where you want to be or your vision for where you are headed, is unfavorable. This clutter will ultimately create stress and lessen your personal power.

Clearing clutter is a practice that tends to evolve with time. It can seem daunting, but the payoff is vital! If you’re ready to turn over a new leaf for 2024 and are looking for a nudge to get started, consider taking a cue from Mother Earth and clear your space using the 5 natural elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water as your guides. Each of the 5 elements carries a different type of energetic influence and can be used to adjust, direct and ultimately improve the flow and quality of energy in your home. A healthy balance of these elements in your space is key to creating harmony and residential well-being.

Go ahead and pick an element a day to clear away and feel the effects. Remove certain objects associated with the 5 elements:

  • Wood: paperwork, books, boxes, furniture
  • Fire: lighting, candles, plastics, power cables and cords
  • Earth: blankets, bedding, baskets, ceramics and pottery
  • Metal: silverware, jewelry, electronics, pots and pans
  • Water: glassware, vases, toiletries, cleaning products

As you intentionally edit the items in your home, you are giving yourself space to breathe, creating room for new experiences and opportunities. Not only will it look better, but it will feel better. Home is where we greet each day, where we gather, unwind, where we love and dream—home is where we build the framework for our lives. Nurture your home, and in return, it will nurture you! Cheers to a happy healthy home and a clutter free 2024.

Read more about clearing clutter on Redfin’s recent article highlighting Santo / Sage.

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