Feng Shui: the Art of Living

Feng Shui, which translates to “wind”-“water” focuses on how an environment is experienced by its inhabitants. Historically Feng Shui was referred to as Kan Yu meaning between Heaven and Earth. The unseen vibrational world known as Kan and the visible physical world known as Yu. Kan Yu relates to the theory of time and location in Chinese history. Feng Shui or Kan Yu, began as a method of locating auspicious places and spaces.
Feng Shui affirms that the energies of your environment interact with and influence your personal energy flow. Your personal energy flow affects your thoughts, behaviors, actions and achievements. Feng Shui empowers you to influence these interacting energies to improve your surroundings and your vitality.

You can balance the energies in any given space – be it a home, business, boutique or hotel – to support the mind and body of the people inhabiting it.

The energy around us flows and moves in constantly changing currents. Chi or Qi is the universal life force (energy) that flows through everyone and everything. It is the essence of all materials. Generally we can sense energy through our feelings, which give positive or negative indicators about the energy of a place. Feng Shui in homes, boutiques and hotels helps them feel noticeably better as the energy is balanced and in harmony with the earth.

To identify, invite, and engage Chi is an important tenet of Feng Shui. When you intentionally enhance and direct the energy or Chi in your environment the benefits can be noticed quite immediately lending itself to long-term advancements. All methods of Feng Shui are rooted in the Yin Yang principal and The 5 Elements–Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each element nourishes the next element, which creates prosperous and harmonious energy.

1. Wood represents growth, creativity, intuition
2. Fire represents passion, action, fame
3. Earth represents stability, grounding, security
4. Metal represents focus, clarity, wealth
5. Water represents abundance, cleansing, flow

A balance of the 5 elements is essential to enhance the way we experience a space.

Have a look around your space and consider what elements you could remove or include to create a more integrated, balanced atmosphere. Anything from the variety of rug to your wall color can add balance.

Adjusting your space with Feng Shui lights a powerful path of transformation and abundance.

Homes, boutiques and boutique hotels all share a personal and private aspect that offers an individual experience. Make it a memorable one. Feng Shui creates a groundwork from which you can strengthen and direct the energies in your environment. Consider how you can enrich the feeling and energy of your space, by paying attention to the elements of Feng Shui.

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