Space Clearing: The Ancient Ceremony

Space clearing is a Ceremony that can be found throughout the world, across cultures. Science has proven that everything is comprised of energy, constantly flowing, changing and affecting all areas of our lives. The term space clearing refers to the art of cleansing a space of lingering energy, stagnation or energetic disturbances. Transforming existing energy to that of a higher vibration.

The idea that we can exist independently of our environment is a misconception. You are not separate from the world around you. Everything is comprised of constantly changing energy. Space clearing clears the emotional debris that accumulates in buildings. 

The energy of the places in which we live, work, shop and vacation will affect our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Our ancient ancestors understood how to properly integrate their lives with the energy in the environment. Different cultures used different methods with a common understanding that we are at our best when we are in agreement with our surroundings. Bring integrity into your spaces so they are in balance with the flow of nature and supportive of your intentions. The ceremony of space clearing moves stagnant energy and infuses your home, office, boutique, or hotel with beneficial energy, creating spaces that add immeasurably to life’s satisfactions.

Declutter your space energetically while creating positive energy through resolution, intention and blessings. Lift your Spirits with the Sacred Art of Space Clearing.

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