The Essence of Place: Align your space to enhance your mood

The atmosphere of a room is like a piece of art—it can move you and evoke emotion.

The human brain experiences and processes a space through two dimensions: central and peripheral. Our central perception is our “intellectualized” view of a space, the one that keys in on the individual aspects and details. This is where our brain quickly notices and reports back on the things in the room or place. The second dimension is the peripheral perception, which processes the atmosphere and overall mood of the space. Here our brains send back emotional signals such as comfort or peace when you enter a room. The peripheral is how we truly experience the space. [1]

We now know that buildings and cities affect our mood and well-being, and that specialized cells in our brains are attuned to the geometry and arrangement of the spaces we inhabit. [2]

So, how do we affect change in a space? Sitting between your space and your mood is atmosphere. Atmosphere is what triggers that peripheral perception and the subsequent emotional response. You can’t point to it, but you can sure feel it. It’s an emotion, an energy. The scent, the breeze, the way the light shines in, an old familiar tune. It’s all of these at once, but none of them specifically. Atmosphere is a combination of elements that create a single communication offering a full emotional picture of the space—this gives way to that sixth sense. Your sense of place.

At Santo Sage, we focus on the atmosphere of your space. The essence and character, how it feels. Working with the elements of color, temperature, light, layout, scent, sound and energy. We influence the experience of place by focusing on the multisensory properties of the whole—that simultaneous central and peripheral perception. While you can’t always control for the mood you, your guests or employees will be in prior to entering your space, you can shape an ambiance or atmosphere that supports the desired mood you want to create.

What is the atmosphere you want to create?




[1]Focal and Ambient Processing of Built Environments: Intellectual and Atmospheric Experiences of Architecture
[2]BBC, The Hidden ways that architecture affects how you feel, Michael Bond

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