Essential Modalities: Clearing a path to connect with your space.


We spend our lives inside buildings, our subconscious and well-being shaped by the structure, formation and objects within. Understanding the importance of this harmony between self and space and how to adjust and improve this relationship is key.


At Santo / Sage we work with your surroundings to create new pathways towards personal alignment and wellness. The right structure and location can serve to better connect you with your goals, guests and customers. The right energy supports the right environment.


Our holistic approach incorporates classical form and compass school Feng Shui alongside sacred shamanic rituals of space clearing and blessings. Our practice is rooted in the ancient tradition of geomancy and supported by modern science.

We believe in the power of space. How it’s used, where it’s located, what it smells like, how people walk through it and experience it. The energy that a space has is visceral, alive and ever-changing.

Feng Shui techniques include the examination of surrounding landforms, waterways and aesthetics—as well as the earth’s natural energy cycles and qualities to determine the best placement, direction and balance of structures and elements in the physical environment. By subtly manipulating the existing flow of energy we create a more supportive foundation for your endeavors while enhancing the vibrancy of your space.


What’s your desired outcome for your space? Find out how to get there. 

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