Space Clearing for Hotels


Space clearing is a Ritual found in every traditional culture. Science has proven that everything is comprised of energy, constantly flowing, changing and affecting all areas of our lives. Declutter your property energetically, reset and create space to connect with the vital essence of place. 

Lift your Spirits with the Sacred Art of Space Clearing

A confidential on site consultation will involve:

-Confirm goals, expectations and clear intent
-Discuss any additional experiences, concerns or patterns that may be presenting themselves in the environment
-Space clearing is performed using resins and organic herbs, chimes, drumming or by misting with sacred essences
(tailored to suit the site as well as any restrictions, allergies or preferences)
-Analyze the layout to ensure there is a clear flow of energy in the space
-Determine any areas more prone to stagnation and provide solutions to resolve
-Offerings will be made or identified
-Rounding out the space clearing process we will bless the space and invite in Health, Harmony, Partnerships, Abundance, and Prosperity
-A write-up of findings and any related suggestions are submitted following the consultation. *Per clients request

Hotel Space Clearing can be part of a Feng Shui consultation or a stand-alone process.

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