feng shui santa monica home consultant

We believe homes are living breathing entities and, more than any other space, should be optimized to bring out your best self. The ideal home is more than just beautifully designed rooms or a place to crash—it’s a reflection of both who you are and who you want to become. We believe in the power of space. How it’s used, where it’s located, what it smells like, how people walk through it and experience it. The energy of a space is alive and ever-changing. If your…Continue Reading “Residences”

Discover the true potential of your retail space. Customers today want more than quality products—they want memorable destinations that are both purposeful and personalized. From the ambiance and flow of each location to the colors and textures of your products, visitors feed off the energy your space emits. The smallest details can appeal to their emotions and speak to their senses, forging a connection that is deeper than any transaction. At Santo Sage, we focus on the complete atmosphere of your space. The essence and character,…Continue Reading “Retail Spaces”

space clearing business consultant

Essential Modalities: Clearing a path to connect with your space. We spend our lives inside buildings, our subconscious and well-being shaped by the structure, formation and objects within. Understanding the importance of this harmony between self and space and how to adjust and improve this relationship is key. At Santo / Sage we work with your surroundings to create new pathways towards personal alignment and wellness. The right structure and location can serve to better connect you with your goals, guests and customers. The right…Continue Reading “Modalities”

feng shui boutique hotel

Our holistic, feng shui-based approach transforms any boutique hotel space into a complete, multi-faceted experience that manifests its unique potential, tells your brand story and clears a natural path for others to experience that story. Whether it’s assorting just-the-right product or rearranging your existing elements to better service the intent of the space, we’ll show you how to consider and harness the energy of your environment and use thoughtful details to create a memorable destination that is both purposeful and personalized. Hotels today have become…Continue Reading “Boutique Hotels”