Feng Shui, which translates to “wind”-“water” focuses on how an environment is experienced by its inhabitants. Historically Feng Shui was referred to as Kan Yu meaning between Heaven and Earth. The unseen vibrational world known as Kan and the visible physical world known as Yu. Kan Yu relates to the theory of time and location in Chinese history. Feng Shui or Kan Yu, began as a method of locating auspicious places and spaces. Feng Shui affirms that the energies of your environment interact with and…Continue Reading “Feng Shui: The Art of Living”

A space is never neutral; it will always influence the individual Our subconscious, mood and well-being are shaped by the structure, contents, and arrangement of our surrounding environment. And, since we spend about 90% of that time indoors,1 if our spaces are not properly aligned, we won’t feel or perform our best. The good thing is that even the smallest of changes can create positive effects that ripple through our lives. In any given space there are multiple paths to well-being. In Feng Shui design,…Continue Reading “Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your Space”

The atmosphere of a room is like a piece of art—it can move you and evoke emotion. The human brain experiences and processes a space through two dimensions: central and peripheral. Our central perception is our “intellectualized” view of a space, the one that keys in on the individual aspects and details. This is where our brain quickly notices and reports back on the things in the room or place. The second dimension is the peripheral perception, which processes the atmosphere and overall mood of…Continue Reading “The Essence of Place: Align your space to enhance your mood”

Every home has a scent fingerprint. Its own unique combination that consists of the higher vibration scent pleasantries (hello fresh linens) and sometimes stagnant unpleasantries that we call odors (pile of dirty laundry). You can tell a lot about an environment just from the way it smells, and those scents are influencing your health and well-being—often without you even knowing it. Scent molecules are like tiny messengers delivering you information about your surroundings. Are you ready to improve your well-being by maintaining a home that…Continue Reading “Residential Well-being: Improving the Scent Fingerprint of Your Home”

Quarantine got you crammed? You’re suddenly spending a lot more time at home. Your needs have changed – has your home? Perhaps your arrangement was working for you, but these days, with more people actively home for extended periods of time, you need to find ways to optimize your space and mindset. Don’t limit your surroundings to how they have been used in the past. Balance and support the many new functions of your space by making updates that reflect your current life needs. So…Continue Reading “Residential Well-being: Creating a Sanctuary while in Seclusion”

There are a few things as distinctive and familiar as home. It is where our hearts live and beat. It’s our shelter. It is where we rest, recharge and get inspired. Yet, how do we create and instill this feeling in a home away from home? Whether the function is hosting, hustling or hibernating, it can be challenging to marry high-end with high-turn. How do you create a style that is suitable for short term-living while offering a rich ambiance that says ‘you have been…Continue Reading “The Atmosphere of Home: Feng Shui for Short Term Rentals”

In Feng Shui, 2019 is the year of the Earth Boar, a universal 12/ 3 year in numerology. It is the trinity, which energies support creativity, discovery and self-expression. The 2019 year of the Boar is the end of the 12-year zodiac cycle and the major closing of the 60-year Chinese calendar cycle. This makes it a perfect time for review. As the earth element (stability and protection) is over the water (abundance and prosperity) element, you will want to make sure you have a…Continue Reading “Feng Shui: The Year of the Earth Boar”

As one of the earliest forms of design, Feng Shui affirms that the energies of your environment interact with and influence your personal energy flow. Your personal energy flow then affects your thoughts, behaviors, actions and achievement—your well-being. This could not be more evident than in the home and with the quickly growing wellness real estate industry. People around the world are increasingly seeing the value in creating more balance in their homes—just like they are doing for fitness, health and nutrition. So, in relation…Continue Reading “Residential Well-Being: Rethinking Real Estate with Feng Shui”

Retail is about sales. It sounds simple, right? Yet, this means the right product, the right environment, the right price, and let’s not forget—a healthy and supportive staff—are all equally important in driving those sales. Getting all of these elements right, and working together, is both an art and a science that can be fleeting even for the most seasoned retailers with longstanding track records. While it’s easy to track the value of each customer to the retailer, we also need to be mindful of…Continue Reading “Feng Shui for Retail Stores and Boutiques Means Creating the Right Environment to Engage Your Customers”

2018 is the year of the Earth Dog, a universal 11/ 2 year in numerology. This signals a balance between individuality and partnership. A year of duality and delays, 2018 is a reminder for us to live with patience and integrity, to take care of our health and be of service. The structure provided by the earth is the conduit through which the other elements flow. Symbolically, earth represents the gestational period inside the womb where the basic structure of the body is formed. Principles…Continue Reading “Feng Shui: The Year of the Earth Dog”